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About Rene'

Rene Shuford, B.S., L.M.B.T., is a writer, storyteller, artist, and for the past 23 years, a Massage and Bodywork educator and therapist. Rene is the founder and owner of Blue Ridge Healing Arts Academy, a living and learning center for mindbody medicine and integrative learning. She grew up in the southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Her great passion in life is learning, teaching, and creating a sacred environment in which others can learn and teach holistically. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are important and so are Passion, Love and Awareness. Rene is an avid gardener, traveler, community activist and lives in the historic town of Concord, NC.

“Holistic living and learning is about the WHOLE. It is about information and process accountability and it is also Passion and Awareness. It is about cultivating the courage to learn and live who we authentically are. It is a journey that encompasses the mind body spirit and emotion of a human being.”